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Android: Netrunner  Upstalk

Android: Netrunner Upstalk

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Game description from the publisher:Upstalk is the first Data Pack in the "Lunar Cycle". With its sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty different cards) Upstalk transports Android: Netrunner to an all-new meat space: the moon where life is one-point-two seconds out of the ordinary. Here the game defies standard expectations. Runners and Corps explore new strategies as do many of the game's cards and mechanisms. Here Corporate trace attempts can punish Runners even when they fail. Corporate assets are everywhere there's no life outside of Corporate-sponsored air and there's a chance that those who manage or run the net may encounter a shard or fragment of the mythical source code. What can happen in one-point-two seconds? Everything!

Extra Info

BGID: 154544
Category: Bluffing ; Card Game ; Expansion for Base-game ; Science Fiction;
Time: 45 minutes
Players: 2
Year: 2014
Product Title:
Mechanics: Hand Management ; Secret Unit Deployment ; Variable Phase Order;
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games ; Heidelberger Spieleverlag;